From the blog

From the blog

My Life In Music


In this video I talk about My Life In Music, who has influenced me and what my favourite live show was.

To discover more, click play below:


  1. christian johnson - September 10, 2015 7:50 pm

    Please could you tell me who looks after bookings for Paul ?

    I run several theatres and festival shows and would like to discuss potential dates for 2016 .

    Kind regards


    Shantaram events

  2. Kathy - December 5, 2015 5:34 pm

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks to the internet, I can listen to your music all over again. I was wondering if you take
    song requests. Because, I think you tex-mex band should play “Ghost riders in the sky, written by
    Stan Jones 1948. It is a cowboy song and your band can do a really good job with it!!! Yippie yi OOhh,
    Yippie yi yaah, thanks, Kathy


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